Metocean Wave Buoys for Indian Ocean Islands

The team in Seychelles.

Metocean Services International (MSI) was awarded a contract for the installation of AXYS TRIAXYS directional wave buoys in Comores, Seychelles and Madagascar as part of the Monitoring for Environment and Security in Africa (MESA) program, funded by the European Union and implemented by Mauritius Oceanography Institute (MOI).

These buoys will contribute to increasing the decision-making and planning capacity of institutions mandated for marine and coastal management, and the data will be used for monitoring and mitigation of oceanographic risks such as sea level rise, swells and storm surges that may lead to coastal hazards.

Each of the three buoys deployed, in water depths ranging from 32 to 90 m, is fitted with GSM, radio and satellite telemetry, enabling MSI to receive the data in real time for display on a website, local display on a PC and monitoring of buoy position/status.


Deployment in Comores.
Deployment in Madagascar.
Data display.

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