Mariscope Launches Its New ROV Flunder

Mariscope Flunder ROV

Along with the launching of the brand’s new thrusters, the new Flunder model, a powerful and fast Observation Class/Light Work Class category ROV, has been launched worldwide.

This new model is based on the well-known and proven Commander MK III, and keeping field operativity in mind. ROV speed and maneuverability, along with pilot training and skill, are, in many operations, the limiting factors in logistics efficiency after improving travel efficiency through the use of fast boats and reduced dead times.

In its standard version, the Flunder incorporates six new generation thrusters with a power of 400 W each, with a vectorized distribution (four horizontal and two vertical) and a modified control system. The power of the motors can be increased on demand up to 900 W each.

These features, together with its low profile that reduces its hydrodynamic resistance (its dimensions are 100 x 120 x 40 cm), gives it a speed of 3-5 knots and a maneuverability that allow its excellent performance in all kinds of conditions. In this way, the displacement and underwater inspection times can be reduced significantly. Speed and maneuverability are the attributes that characterize this new ROV

Its manufacture maintains the quality materials that characterize the brand’s vehicles:

  • Strong and robust AISI 316L stainless steel structural chassis, hand welded (TIG) and crystal blasted, which gives it enormous strength and ruggedness and provides a firm base for the attachment of additional accessories without compromising the structure of the ROV.
  • The robust new-generation thrusters’ housings, together with their electronic protection, guarantee a long service life.
  • Both the high-resolution, full HD cameras with built-in laser pointers and the LEDs attached in the 160° tilt mechanism, or the external ones that accompany them, are housed in robust saltwater-resistant aluminum housings with an anodized surface.
  • The ROV can easily be equipped with additional lights to customize and optimize the illumination of the desired viewing angle. These external lights are attached to the chassis by means of specially designed brackets to fit the ROV frame.
  • It incorporates the classic sensors that exist throughout the company’s range of ROVs (depth gauge, compass, ROV and tilt mechanism inclination sensor, ROV power consumption) and automatic functions (auto depth/auto dive/auto head, automatic tilt correction to maintain the observed horizon).
  • It maintains the modular structure that allows the expansion of equipment and instruments to be carried on board, even in a second phase after the initial acquisition.

In this model, Mariscope prioritizes function (form follows function) by focusing on a structure that allows the buoyancy to be varied at any time and the payload of the equipment to be adjusted.

In standard version, the Flunder will be marketed with buoyancy for 500 meters’ depth. However, the structural design and manufacture of this robot allows it to reach a working depth of 1,000 meters, and the on-require version for this depth will be equipped with the appropriate buoyancy for it. This will reduce the cost for those customers whose jobs do not require reaching the greater depths.

It is equipped with the already-classic video and wireless control console installed in Pelican cases, making the system highly transportable and flexible. Its video console has an industrial computer and SSD storage unit, where up to 500 Gb of full HD online transmission of the ROV cameras received through the umbilical can be recorded.

To ensure the delivery of the maximum power necessary for the motors and greater motor efficiency, it has a self-regulating power supply unit (PSU), which automatically regulates the voltage loss of the umbilical cable. This equipment can be selected between single-phase 230V AC or three-phase 380V AC, allowing its use in a wide range of situations.

As is usual for the brand, the Flunder is marketed with a lifetime warranty, which characterizes Mariscope’s products. This warranty, unique in the market, lasts for the entire lifetime of the products manufactured by Mariscope, with no restrictions on working hours. To learn more, visit Mariscope’s official website.

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