Manned Submersible Will Laser Scan Titanic Wreckage

The Titantic Survey Expedition will use a 2G Robotics dynamic underwater laser scanner installed on OceanGate’s Cyclops2 manned submersible vehicle to capture laser data of the RMS Titanic shipwreck and the surrounding debris field. The data, overlaid with 4K images, will allow creation of real-time 3D models with millimetric resolution.

The mission will depart from St. Johns, Newfoundland in June 2018. The six-week expedition will be the first manned submersible survey of the Titanic  since 2005. The model created from the scans will serve as a baseline to assess the decay of the wreck over time to help document and preserve its submerged history.

The Titanic Survey Expedition is currently taking applications for a mission specialist.

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