Manned Sub Reaches Calypso Deep

The second phase (of five) of Caladan Oceanic’s 2020 deep-diving expeditions has now been completed after sub pilot and explorer Victor
Vescovo and Prince Albert II of Monaco ventured down to the bottom of
the Calypso Deep, the deepest point in the Mediterranean Sea in February 10.

In conjunction with EYOS Expeditions and Triton Submarines, the team reached a newly calculated maximum depth for the Deep, using direct visitation and multiple modern sensors, of 5,109 m +/- 1 m.

It was only the second manned visitation ever to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea.

The Calypso Deep was first visited 55 years ago by Captain Gérard Huet de Froberville, Dr. Charles “Chuck” L. Drake (U.S.) and Henri Germaine Delauze on September 27, 1965 in the French bathyscaphe Archimède. Drake, Froberville and Delauze reported a max depth of 5,110 m.

The next stop for Vescovo, the Caladan Oceanic crew and EYOS is the Red Sea, where they will conduct a week-long, in-depth scientific mission in cooperation with the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology to explore the unique hydrography, biology and geology of the area.

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A plastic bag found in Calypso Deep.

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