Mako 4K UHD Camera

Seeing the need for a simple, ultra-compact standalone 4K UHD camera, Arctic Rays, LLC has released Mako for use on multiple platforms, including ROVs, HOVs, ASVs, landers and fixed platforms. The camera can also capture 8MP still images.

Mako has an onboard real-time clock with scheduler, which can be programmed in advance and allowed to run independently from its internal battery or external power. The internal scheduler can be used to synchronize and control any of Arctic Rays’ Dragonfish series lights. Scheduling, adjustments to camera settings and downloading of video can be done via the standard MCBH connector or via Wi-Fi.

Recharging the battery is accomplished through the connector so that the housing never has to be opened.

Endurance varies depending on the duty cycle, recording resolution and memory card size.

Mako is capable of transmitting SD video out for real-time monitoring and can be powered externally with 12 to 40 VDC. This is ideal for existing ROV systems to upgrade to 4K UHD video recording but only have SD topside feeds for viewing.

The housing is available in depth ratings of 2,000 or 6,000 m.

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