MacArtney Supplies Multiplexers to Marine Survey Provider

MacArtney has recently supplied the latest in a series of seven customized NEXUS MK C ‘Super MUX’ multiplexers to MMT, providers of customized marine surveys for the offshore energy industry.

Multiplexers, designed to simultaneously transmit data along a single channel of communication, provide operators with the opportunity to gather numerous types of data at once. The Swedish-based MMT, working in close collaboration with Reach Subsea, ordered the customized NEXUS MK C connectivity solution (named the Super MUX by MMT) from MacArtney Underwater Technology earlier this year.

MMT assists global industry leaders with a full range of customized marine surveys within the offshore energy industry while Norway-based Reach Subsea boasts a comprehensive knowledge of subsea operations.

The easy-to-install NEXUS MK C is a fully customized plug-and-play multiplexer for work-class ROVs and is a mobilization timesaver. Fitted to new ROVs or as an upgrade to existing systems, it can handle data for ROV setups that require multiple cameras, sonars, attitude sensors, manipulators, cable and pipe trackers. The NEXUS MK C is the latest delivery in a series of seven multiplexers provided to MMT since 2018.

The NEXUS MK C system provides connectivity between the vessel and the ROV sensor package in one compact unit. The topside unit features an open interface that is versatile and perfect for data acquisition work aboard a wide range of vessels.

The NEXUS MK C includes a large number of sensor interfaces including Ethernet, HD video and serial channels. The 25 connectors on the subsea unit, configured to match a broad range of interfaces, allow configuration of the multiplexer for numerous tasks. It is currently MacArtney’s most versatile multiplexer solution, built to meet the customer’s needs.

Learn more about the NEXUS MK C at MacArtney’s official site.

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