Grace Hopper: Google’s Subsea Cable System

One year after Lumen Technologies established a new subsea-fiber route between the U.S. and France, the company is again significantly increasing network capacity and diversity. Lumen is now investing in a fiber pair on Grace Hopper, a subsea cable system, spearheaded by Google, between New York and Bude, Cornwall in the U.K.

The Grace Hopper system will use Lumen landing station and infrastructure services at both locations. The wavelength capacity Lumen will offer on the Grace Hopper subsea cable can be scaled to meet increased customer demands for years to come while also supporting Lumen’s own IP, voice, and CDN networks. 
According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, data flows are the lifeblood of the U.S.-Europe trade and investment partnership, with more data flowing between the two continents than anywhere else in the world. Data flows are essential to small and large businesses and support global financial systems, medical research, cybersecurity efforts and burgeoning global demand for high-quality content.  
Lumen is taking orders now on Grace Hopper, which will be active and ready to deliver services in October.  

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