Low-Carbon Shipping Fuels & Energy Guide 2020

A new study–the BLUE Insight Low Carbon Shipping Fuels & Energy Guide 2020–has revealed that more than 40 organizations are vying for a share of the $1.4 trillion low-carbon shipping fuels and energy market. However, many remain in their infancy and primed for investment from institutional, private equity and private finance. The guide has been produced by business and strategic advisory consultancy BLUE Insight, in partnership with classification society Bureau Veritas. The guide is available to pre-order at BLUE Communications.

The guide includes interviews with representatives from the companies featured, as well as wider research. Its findings reveal that there are a significant number of initiatives currently in progress, ranging from small, low-funded R&D projects to large volumes of low-carbon fuels and energy being sold and used to power ocean-going vessels.

BLUE Insight’s in-depth qualitative research and analysis explores only fuels and energy with 50 percent less well-to-wake carbon emissions than conventional fossil fuels, based on current evidence, and demonstrates the seismic shifts the shipping industry needs to meet its decarbonization goals.

Fuels and energy covered in the BLUE Insight Guide include: ammonia, hydrogen, methanol including dimethyl ether, synthetic and bio-LNG, biofuel, fuel cells, batteries and nuclear. Criteria reviewed by BLUE Insight’s research and analysis team includes the profiling of companies, projects and collaborations; finance; life cycle analysis; maturity of fuel and energy production; scalability; infrastructure analysis and requirements; and safety analysis.

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