Leidos Australia Contracted to Develop Underwater Sensor

Leidos develop fibre-optic methods to conduct underwater reconnaissance

Leidos Australia has secured a contract to develop an underwater sensor technology aimed at improving Australia’s maritime security.

Awarded by the Australian Government through the Defence Innovation Hub, the contract is valued at $1.18m (A$1.6m).

Australia Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price said: “It is great to see Leidos Australia partner with the Morrison Government through the Defence Innovation Hub for the first time.”

Leidos will team up with Western Australia company Terra15 and the University of Melbourne’s School of Engineering. The team will build fiber-optic methods to conduct underwater surveillance and reconnaissance.

Price added: “This could significantly reduce the cost of existing capabilities. It is critical that defense, industry and research institutions work together to develop technologies that could improve Australia’s maritime security.”

“The Morrison Government has committed A$800m for Defence Innovation Hub investment over the decade to 2030, to deliver game-changing technology for the Australian Defence Force.”

Leidos Australia develops new solutions and capabilities for a wide range of missions in the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) domain.

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