JASCO Applied Sciences Secures Rhode Island Facility

JASCO Applied Sciences secures a new facility in Rhode Island to support its US operations.

Canada’s JASCO Applied Sciences secures a new facility in Rhode Island to support its U.S. operations.

The 3000-square-foot facility is located at 165 Dean Knauss Drive, Narragansett, just behind the University of Rhode Island’s Bay Campus. Initially consisting of two 1500-square-foot bays providing office and lab space, along with a marine acoustics services and autonomous vehicles support facility, the new location will open in April 2022.

JASCO’s ongoing work in support of the Offshore Wind Sector has been pivotal in creating this opportunity for the U.S. operations team. JASCO will leverage the new facility’s location and the region’s expertise by expanding existing collaborations. Additionally, they will continue developing new business relationships with university, corporate, and government partners to grow their service and product offerings in the underwater acoustics domain.

JASCO’s Chief Executive Officer, Scott Carr, commented, “JASCO is thrilled to establish a presence in Rhode Island and become an active industry partner in the regional coalition to grow the blue economy. Being collocated with the University of Rhode Island’s Bay Campus provides an excellent opportunity to further our collaboration with the Graduate School of Oceanography and Ocean Engineering in the areas of underwater acoustics and robotics. Graduates of URI will be instrumental in growing our local team.”

Learn more about the facility here and click the video below.

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