Develop AI Models in Minutes with Imagimob tinyML

Imagimob has put out the new release of its tinyML platform, which is focused on making it easier and faster for developers to build and deploy performance-ready tinyML applications on edge devices.

Starter projects save time for developers. They increase the quality of the AI application and reduces time needed to get up and running. A developer can select a starter project from a list of pre-defined projects and build deep learning AI models in minutes. The starter project includes labeled data sets, pre-processing blocks and a pre-trained AI model. Everything that is needed to get started is included, and all the content is quality assured by Imagimob.

In this release, the following starter projects are included and integrated in the platform:

  • Acconeer Radar Gesture Project using the Acconeer A1 sensor
  • Texas Instruments Radar Gesture Project using the Texas Instruments mmWave Radar Sensor IWR6843AOP
  • Keyword Spotter Project (audio) using data from a microphone
  • Human Activity Recognition Project using data from a three-axis accelerometer
  • Indoor/Outdoor Detection project using environmental data from the Nordic Thingy:91

Many more starter projects are in development and will be announced soon.

Learn more here.

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