Mapping Enhancement Capabilities From Ping DSP

Ping DSP is pleased to introduce a new model of its 3DSS sonar, the iDX-PRO, featuring a fully integrated SBG Navsight Ekinox INS and Septentrio GNSS within the compact 3DSS form factor. The Ekinox is a 0.02° class instrument that, together with the integrated GNSS, provides a tightly coupled INS solution specifically tuned to operation-difficult marine environments. The new compact turn-key combination of the 3DSS and Ekinox excels in shallow water survey applications with high-motion dynamics, such as exposed coastal areas, and in GNSS denied environments, such as under bridges.

The new iDX-PRO collects both high-accuracy, wide-swath bathymetry (e.g., IHO Special Order, CHS/Exclusive Order, NL Norm 1A) and high-resolution 3D imagery. 3D imaging augments bathymetric surveys with spectacular, geometrically correct, three-dimensional side scan views of seabed features, subsea structures, subsurface hazards and water-column objects such as schools of fish and buoy lines.

As with all 3DSS solutions, the new iDX-PRO is competitively priced in comparison with MBES systems while meeting or exceeding the same hydrographic standards with a markedly higher area coverage rate, particularly in shallow water.

The new 3DSS-iDX-PRO is now available to order, and an upgrade path is also offered for existing 3DSS customers. For more information, please contact or visit

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