Henriksen LARS Demo with HUGIN

The smooth launch and recovery of a HUGIN AUV has been demonstrated using a new system from H. Henriksen AS.

Capable of being used by a wide range of small manned or unmanned auxiliary craft, the Henriksen Launch and Recovery System introduces a versatile new option for the operators of AUVs and UUVs.

The lightweight system can be deployed by any craft capable of supporting its weight and that of the AUV. The Hugin AUV used to test the system was 5.5 m long and weighed 780 kg, yet with the Henriksen launch system, it was well within the capabilities of the RIB chosen to carry it.

The key feature of the system is its use of a radio- or AUV-controlled hook that is fitted into the nose of the vehicle being deployed.

For more information, visit www.hhenriksen.com.

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