H2 Startup Accelerator

The global innovation platform Plug and Play Tech Center has launched a new initiative focused on hydrogen: the H2 Startup Accelerator. This is one of the world’s first hydrogen-centric startup accelerator programs. It will initially be operated out of Hamburg. 

Initiating partners are Shell and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), along with the founding members city of Hamburg and Phillips 66/JET. The program can be a vehicle to foster the necessary dialogue and cooperation to accelerate the development of a hydrogen ecosystem in Europe and beyond. 

In the new hydrogen economy, there’s momentum being made worldwide with more and more countries developing national hydrogen strategies and establishing partnerships to collaborate on hydrogen-related projects. It’s clear that collaboration is key for realizing the potential of the hydrogen transition, as building up and scaling its value chain requires coordination among policymakers, entrepreneurs, corporations and investors.

The purpose of the program is to connect hydrogen startups from all over the world with corporate partners and other stakeholders to pilot and roll out their technologies. The goal is to create an open innovation and startup ecosystem connecting the northern German and European regions to the global hydrogen economy. The platform will serve as the interface between research, industry and other institutions, and represent a homeport for the inception and development of startups and their technologies.

In addition to their industrial know-how, corporations will provide access to the necessary infrastructure to test, pilot and scale new technologies in the following areas:
  • Transportation
  • H2-fueled combustion
  • Fuel cell applications
  • Storage
  • Carbon capture
  • Compression
  • Production
  • Solid-oxide electrolysis
  • Alkaline electrolyzers

Plug and Play will act as the operator of the platform and serve as a bridge to international innovation, venture capital and startup ecosystems around the globe.

To join the program or for more information, visit: www.plugandplaytechcenter.com/h2startup and/or reach out to: Monika Brauers (m.brauers@pnptc.com).

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