SEA-KIT Unveils Specialized Survey USV

SEA-KIT International H-class uncrewed surface vessel (USV) for ocean survey

SEA-KIT International recently revealed its new H-class uncrewed surface vessel (USV) for ocean survey, with a design that focuses on hydrography and environmental data collection.

The USV features a retractable gondola, dual-sensor deployment options, and is highly configurable, according to a news release. Design updates were based on feedback from customers using the company’s established X-class USVs, with several of the 12-m vessels currently operating in the Indian Ocean, North Sea, Red Sea, and the Pacific.

The H-class has a composite hull for higher transit speeds, which gives it greater range and endurance. It also includes active stabilizers to minimize roll. The new design is available in 12-m and 15-m versions, with the 12-m option transportable in a standard shipping container for fast, low-cost deployment. Both can be davit launched.

The USV can carry various sensors as well as deploy a tow cage, SVP, MAPR, CTD and side scan sonar for deep-water and nearshore bathymetric and hydrographic survey missions. It has a multibeam echo sounder (MBES), station holding, and winch-deployed sensor payloads for ocean survey.

The vessel is designed to MCA Category 0 for extended, over-the-horizon capability and will hold Unmanned Marine Systems (UMS) certification from Lloyd’s Register as well as Lloyd’s Register approval for design and hull construction.

“Although many of the H-class USV’s features directly benefit hydrographic survey missions, this is a design that can perform many different tasks due to its large gondola and ability to dip cages and tow sensors,” SEA-KIT CEO Ben Simpson said, according to the release. “The fuel-saving, speed, and endurance benefits of the composite hull add to the value of these USVs as low-carbon, cost-efficient solutions for a wide range of maritime operations. This design is the next step toward our goal of zero emission vessels.”

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