New Company: Bayonet Ocean Vehicles

Marine robotics technology specialist Greensea Systems Inc. has launched Bayonet Ocean Vehicles, a new company to develop, manufacture and distribute a line of amphibious robots recently acquired from C-2 Innovations Inc.

The deal includes the acquisition of the IP and inventory of C-2 Innovations’ crawling robot product line. The robots have been rebranded as the Bayonet 150, Bayonet 250 and Bayonet 350 vehicles.

Bayonet joins the Greensea group of companies as an independent entity managed by the Greensea executive team. The company is based in Plymouth, Massachusetts, co-located with Greensea, in a newly renovated manufacturing facility with waterfront access for year-round testing and training.

Bayonet Ocean Vehicles has begun larger-scale commercialization of the seafloor crawling robot product line featuring Greensea’s fully open-architecture software platform, OPENSEA, which includes precision navigation, payload integration, autonomy and over-the-horizon command and control. The company will launch a commercial variant of the platform this summer focused on hydrographic survey, wind farm survey and maintenance, as well as coastal dredging support.

Deployable from land or water independent of weather, the Bayonet crawlers have been designed to transit along the ocean floor and on land. Their application includes amphibious operations and littoral warfare, such as mine detection and clearance, seafloor, beach zone and river surveys, environmental monitoring and wharf inspections.

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