Armach Robotics Spins off from Greensea

Greensea Systems Inc. has launched spin-off company Armach Robotics to capitalize on Greensea’s digital expertise by offering a subscription-model robotic hull cleaning system using autonomy, intelligence and data fusion.

As the robot cleans, the software operating it builds up an inch-perfect “mental map” of every feature of the hull so it can be more efficient during the next visit–and it does so without the human input of divers or operators.

The system also saves costs by reporting back to the shipowner with valuable information, effectively creating a hull condition survey every time it cleans a hull. Any damage or corrosion is picked up early by the robot’s cameras and sensors, so a decision can be made on whether rectification is necessary or whether ongoing monitoring will suffice.

Armach is currently in the “build it, prove it” phase. This key phase will allow Armach to build, develop and iterate the robotics platforms and prove that the technology and model work in the real world.

The company is also working with first-adopter partners toward a wider roll out of pilot programs in 2022.

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