Glomex weBBoat Internet Devices

The need for onboard web connectivity has become commonplace for vessel systems, passengers and crew. The Glomex weBBoat Link IT1304 series of internet devices from GA Communications offers scalable solutions to receive satellite, Wi-Fi and North American 3G/4G cellular signals up to 20 mi. offshore. Simple to install and configure, it’s the ideal way to add a hotspot for recreational and commercial boats.

Designed to accommodate virtually any connectivity need, the weBBoat Link is offered in four configurations. The base IT1304/US model has a single SIM card slot, while the PRO version has two for signal continuity; both offer a range of 10 mi. To reach up to 20 mi. offshore, Glomex has standard and PRO extended-range versions that come with dual external 4G antennas.

Both of the single SIM card models have one WAN and one LAN Ethernet port. The PRO weBBoat Link versions feature one WAN and three LAN ports. All four are scalable and can be expanded with additional external antennas and/or attaching devices to the built-in router. The entire system can be removed and installed in another vessel, or even on land, without programming and updating.

The weBBoat Link downloads up to 100 Mbps from an LTE 4G signal and up to 42 Mbps while in dual carrier DC-HSPA mode. The series complies with IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g and IEEE 802.11b wireless standards.

Simple to set up, the weBBoat Link uses the free Glomex Android or iOS companion app or web user interface for easy configuration.

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