GE and Nedstack Collaborate on Marine Fuel Cell Proposal


Dutch fuel cell manufacturer Nedstack and U.S. power firm GE Power Conversion will extend their working partnership on the latter’s electric ship system that aims to replace diesel engines with fuel cells and oil-derived bunker fuel with hydrogen.

To date, Nedstack and GE have developed a 2-MW hydrogen fuel cell power plant on an expedition cruise vessel with positive results, according to a statement on Nedstack’s website.

“Nedstack’s technology is deployed in commercial shipping, and our new factory will be able to deliver hundreds of megawatts per year to the maritime industry,” declared Jogchum Bruinsma, the company’s chief commercial officer.

Hydrogen and Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cells are electrochemical reactors in which fuel and an oxidant react to generate electrical power. The reaction produces no emissions other than water while the fuel cells can be scaled to multi-megawatt power ratings.

“Clean maritime technologies are high on the maritime industry’s agenda, and a differentiator for our customers’ vessels to remain competitive,” said Loïc Thiébaut, head of sales at GE Power Conversion.

GE is an established power company listed on the New York stock exchange.

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