Game Development Students to Develop HPK for Vessel Docking

Credit: Red Funnel

Southampton maritime energy-efficiency firm Azurtane has joined forces with the School of Media Arts and Technology at Solent University to leverage the skills of student game developers in a high-precision kinematics (HPK), marine vessel docking project.

The objective is to convert high-precision positioning data generated by Azurtane’s HPK technology into a user interface to enhance the vessel commander’s visualization of the docking movements, reducing docking time and fuel consumption, as well as increasing safety.

Azurtane approached Solent University to ascertain if one of the programming degree courses utilized software that could be adapted to convert the positional data transmitted by Azurtane’s HPK into a highly visual digital twin—a screen or tablet interface that mimics the typical visual information available to a ship’s navigator when he or she is observing and managing docking maneuvers.

Azurtane will be working with two students in the third year of the B.S. (Hons) computer games (software development) course to undertake the initial visual design before progressing to coding the input of millisecond data streams that will position the trial vessel with pinpoint accuracy. The user interface is due to be delivered for user trials on Red Funnel’s high-speed ferry, Redjet 7, in March 2020.

Azurtane is looking to build on the partnership with Solent University by collaborating on future projects to advance the safety and efficiency of deep-sea vessels.

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