Fugro to Support Curacao’s Renewable Energy Industry

The government of Curaçao has asked Fugro to map the seabed of the island’s surrounding waters for future development of floating offshore wind farms. The Curaçao government’s target is to realize 6 GW in renewable energy capacity by 2035, which is more than the domestic need for energy, ultimately enabling the production and export of green hydrogen. This development is a hugely important step for Curaçao in its efforts to accelerate the transition to green energy and strengthen its economy. The survey work by Fugro follows on a feasibility assessment by research organization TNO, which concluded that Curaçao’s territorial waters are some of the best in the world for large-scale deployment of floating offshore wind.

Coordinated by Fugro’s Americas team, the Fugro Brasilis will survey the area to improve the understanding of the local seabed, subsurface and marine environment. This geophysical reconnaissance survey will be used to create a comprehensive report on local conditions to inform the government of Curaçao of the best locations for floating offshore wind farms and preservation of the marine ecosystem.

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