Fugro Revolutionizes Subsea Installation in Egypt

Fugro has revolutionized a subsea installation program for Gulf of Suez Petroleum Co. (GUPCO) with its innovative QuickVision technology.

Used for the first time in Egypt, the contactless positioning solution replaced the conventional survey sensors typically attached to subsea structures during installation.

Under a contract with Dragon Oil (GUPCO), Fugro delivered subsea positioning support for the installation of multiple subsea structures off the coast of Egypt. To meet the requirements for improved safety and lower project costs, Fugro deployed its QuickVision state-of-the art vision technology, which uses a smart camera attached to an ROV to determine the heading and attitude of a subsea structure as it is landed. This eliminates the requirement to pre-install a sensor package on the structure and retrieve it once installation is complete, which reduces the time and costs associated with a dive support vessel.

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