Marine Safety Company Donates Equipment to Salvation Army

Hansen Frisk Seilas

Norway’s Hansen Protection, a brand of global survival technology provider Survitec Group Limited, is donating an array of personal protection equipment to the Salvation Army in support of its Frisk Seilas (Fresh Sailing) project, an initiative set up to provide sailing lessons to those struggling with life.

Hansen Protection’s subsidiary Lyngsoe (Denmark) supplied a number of wind and waterproof coveralls to ensure former drug users and other marginalized groups remain warm and dry as they learn how to safely sail the waters around Moss, Norway.

The donation follows the June supply of lifejackets and immersion for the Salvation Army’s Colin Archer ship, Cathrine Booth II.

Knut Erlend Hjorth-Johansen, project leader of the Salvation Army’s “Frisk Seilas” program, said: “We are immensely proud of the success of this program and thank Hansen Protection for its very generous donations. During and after drug treatment can be difficult to find new arenas and social networks. Frisk Seilas offers a safe environment with a focus on sailing, unity and mastery. It’s about giving those that need help the network and support they need to rediscover a drug-free life. We see how much this means to them. It is hugely beneficial to the individual but also has enormous benefits for society at large.”

Frisk Seilas is based off the beautiful island of Jeløy, Moss, and is offered through the Salvation Army in cities along the Oslofjord.

All the sailors in Frisk Seilas get a permanent place on a team from April to November. Training, provided by Hjorth-Johansen and former national team coach, Jan Steven Johannesen, follows a six-level syllabus designed to give the “land lubber” the skills they need to become competent, competitive sailors.

Teams from various cities in Oslo and the surrounding area receive instruction in regatta sailing on a weekly basis.

Terje Gorm Hansen, chief executive officer, Hansen Protection, said: “We are pleased to support this important project. There is evidence that social gatherings and physical activities, such as cycling and sailing, can help those with intoxication and psychiatric backgrounds battle addiction. Fresh Sailing is a very worthy endeavor to help former addicts remain drug-free. They have a lot of fun on the sea.”

The Salvation Army’s substance abuse care programs help all those with addiction problems and bad life experiences, such as homelessness and abuse.

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