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Please indicate the primary activity of your organization (select all that apply). If you do not participate in one of these primary activities, you do not qualify for a free subscription, and you will need to purchase your subscription.

A. Ships, underwater vehicles,
structures and basic underwater materials
B. Ship and base instrumentation,
navigation, positioning, computers, data processing, communications, telemetry, optical, laboratory, sensors, samplers,
recorders, etc
C. Radar, sonar and detection
D. Cable, rope, deck gear, marine
hardware, electrical equipment, general machinery
and equipment supplies
E. Research, development or consulting
G. Survey, exploration or mapping
H. Construction, diving or charter
J. Government, civilian employee
K. Government, military personnel
L. Educational institutions, libraries
M. Fishing, seafood processing
P. Offshore petroleum, mineral
R. Environmental monitoring,
pollution control
T. Ports, harbors, homeland security
U. Renewable energy
Z. Other – please specify below

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