Panda 15i Generators for UK & Gibraltar Police Patrol Craft

Panda 15i (12-kW/15-kVA) marine generators have been chosen for 18 newbuild MST HPB-1500 high-speed patrol craft for the UK & Gibraltar Ministry of Defence Police. The craft will be tasked with protecting naval bases in the U.K. and Gibraltar and undertaking high-profile armed policing.

The Panda 15i uses the Kubota D902 three-cylinder diesel engine. This robust workhorse of an engine runs smoothly and quietly at 54 db(A) at 7 m (at max rpm). Combined with Fischer Panda’s innovative inverter-based variable-speed technology, the result is a compact and lightweight high-power-output generator. Twin circuit cooled, the unit weighs only 160 kg, which was a key consideration in this patrol boat installation, where the required high transit speeds limited the maximum weight permitted in the machinery spaces. The 15i, aimed at all boats from 50 to 100 ft., from leisure vessels to commercial craft, is ideal for running high startup loads, such as multiple air conditioning units or systems, water makers, dive compressors and even electric cooking.

The craft will be powered by twin inboard diesel propulsion engines driving twin waterjets, with a specific focus on low running costs, reduced environmental emissions and suitability for significant operating hours. The bridge will feature a fully integrated C4ISR and craft management system, utilizing the latest open-architecture structure and state-of-the art shock mitigation crew seating.

Additionally, Fischer Panda UK (FP UK) will supply 24,000 BTUs of air conditioning per vessel via two Dometic 12,000-BTU self-contained reverse cycle DTG units.

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