First Naval Ship Built in Egypt Launched at Alexandria Shipyard

The new Port Said Gowind corvette, the first warship built in Egypt. (Image courtesy of Naval Group)

The launching ceremony of the Port Said Gowind corvette, the first warship built in Egypt, took place on Sept. 6, 2018 in Alexandria. The launch celebrates the rise in competences of the Alexandria Shipyard team, which is now able to build civilian boats as well as state-of-the-art military vessels. This industrial achievement also demonstrates the strength of the strategic partnership between Naval Group and Egypt and the effectiveness of Naval Group’s industrial cooperation schemes.

The corvette is part of a strategic and long-term partnership with Egypt. It is the fifth ship designed by Naval Group, operated by the Egyptian Navy, after the FREMM frigate Tahya Misr delivered in 2015, the two landing helicopter docks Nasser and Sadat in 2016 and the first Gowind corvette, El Fateh, in 2017. Together with El Fateh, which is already deployed by the Egyptian Navy in many operational theaters, the new Port Said corvette increases Egyptian Navy power. —Naval Group

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