FarSounder Secures 8th Patent for Its Forward-Looking Sonar

FarSounder Receives 8th Patent

FarSounder, the leading developer of 3D forward-looking navigation sonars, has expanded its IP portfolio with the issuance of its 8th Patent, number 11,609,316. This U.S. patent expands the company’s patent portfolio for its unique sonar system and its 3D processing.

The invention behind the patent provides a sonar system that includes a forward-looking sonar device that operates in an integrated fashion with one or more other sonar devices so that a boater can have a reliable navigation tool.

The forward-looking sonar can include a transducer array that takes a three-dimensional acoustic reading of the objects and seafloor ahead. The electronics that process the acoustic data can also process data from down-looking sonar, side scanning sonar, or both, and can integrate the information to present an expansive display in the boat. This can reveal the contents of the seafloor in front of, around, and under the boat.

“At FarSounder, the protection of our 3D forward-looking sonar processes is a top priority. The engineering team works hard to be innovative and continually advance our sonar navigation technology. Patenting their work is imperative,” says CEO Matthew Zimmerman, one of the inventors.

As an industry leader, FarSounder continues to find new ways to bring its technology into the future. This patent will secure their technology IP as the development continues.

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