FarSounder Receives 5th US Patent

Farsounder - 5th patent issuance

FarSounder has expanded their IP portfolio with the issuance of their 5th US Patent, number 20150369908. The company is the manufacturer of innovative 3D forward-looking sonar systems

This invention is related to integrating acoustic data from their sonar system with other down-looking sonar and side-scanning sonar. This allows vessel operators to have an expansive display in the boat, providing them with valuable information in a variety of directions. Having this information can increase the reliability when navigating, and at the same time obtain a clear understanding of the seafloor beneath the vessel.

“The engineering team at FarSounder sees 3D forward-looking sonar as a critical component in a diverse navigation sensor suite,” says Matthew Zimmerman, EVP of Engineering at FarSounder and one of the inventors. “By adopting a holistic point of view when looking at shipboard navigation, it is clear that information unique to 3D forward-looking sonar can improve the overall user experience. This new patent covers many new approaches of fusing this unique input with other, traditional sensors.”

As the leader in the development and production of forward-looking sonar systems, the company is always looking for new ways to bring their technology into the future. This invention will allow for more applications as their products develop. The goal is to continue adding value for its users and to ensure safety at sea. Learn more at their official website.

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