Multibeam Sonar Provides Mapping at Extreme Depths

The all new WASSP F3X model from Furuno is a quantum leap forward in multibeam sounder technology. Both the WMB4340 and WMB6340 professional multibeam sonar packages  provide superior target detection of fish in water columns, track fish targets deeper than ever before, and allow navigators and surveyors to map the seabed and structure below with confidence.

WASSP F3X penetrates the water in a 120˚ swath with 224 individual beams. Its higher output power provides a nearly 50% increase in depth capability from the previous WASSP F3. Fishermen will benefit from the 80kHz WMB6340’s enhanced target detection and bottom mapping capability of over 850 meters depth, as well as its ability to detect the seabed at depths of over 1,000 meters. This leads to the quick location of baitfish allowing the presentation of lures and baits to marauding billfish and tuna. The high-powered, 80 kHz WMB6340 provides amazing target separation of species throughout the full water column.

The 160kHz WMB4340 is purpose-built for 2D/3D survey and mapping, and is able to generate accurate, detailed bathymetric contour maps down to over 500 meters. It connects to the user’s PC via the supplied “CDX” GUI (Graphical User Interface) software, with the added ability to interface directly with TimeZero Professional software. A series of sensors including a dedicated Satellite Compass and Inertial Motion Unit is also available. Additionally, all of the major accessories for the previous WASSP F3 version are compatible with these new models, including thru-hull fittings, keyboards, and licenses that expand upon the basic system capabilities. These optional licenses include plugins that enable evaluation of backscatter, water column analysis, tide table correction, and sidescan format for a clearer view of objects such as wrecks and rocks on the seafloor. 

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