Octopus Battery Management System

EST-Floattech has launched the Octopus Series, an advanced modular battery management system (BMS) developed to configure a variety of batteries. The BMS provides a user-friendly interface and can integrate a range of battery configurations and chemistries, making it adaptable to diverse applications. The BMS is an integral part of the safety management of the batteries and offers remote monitoring, diagnostics and service. It has received DNV type approval.

The Octopus Series currently offers two main types of battery modules: high energy and high power. The high-energy batteries are designed for long-duration and large-scale battery installations, making them ideal for medium- and large-size ships that sail electrically and charge during the night, for example. The high-power modules deliver a lot of power (kW), combined with limited energy storage (kWh), which, in practical terms, means a short (dis-)charging time. This can be used in fast-charging ferries that make short trips and need to charge during stops.

In addition, the company is at an advanced stage with the development of a Lite and Lite XL version of the Octopus. Secondly, modules based on LFP (lithium ferrophosphate) are also under development.

In addition to a fixed configuration (placing the system in a dedicated battery room), the Octopus Series battery system is available as a containerized solution that can be placed on different types of vessels and offers a lot of flexibility. The Octopus containerized solution is available in a 10- and 20-ft. container.

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