Belize Shallow Bathymetry for UKHO

In early 2022, EOMAP started mapping the shallow waters of Belize using satellite-derived bathymetry (SDB) technology. Parts of these approximately 9,000 sq. km had never been sufficiently surveyed before. Now, the bathymetry grids–the first lot of a multi-year framework contrac–have been delivered to the UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO).

The survey covers all shallow coastal and marine waters of Belize down to a water depth of 20 m on offshore reefs. Multi-image SDB concepts were applied to overcome local challenges of variable turbidity and cloud gaps. EOMAP has refined 35 very-high-resolution records from Maxar’s multispectral satellites, ESA’s Sentinel-2 with 180 tiles, as well as Planet’s SuperDove data for selected areas.

By this extensive survey in Belize–just like by contributions to Seabed 2030 and EMODnet Bathymetry–EOMAP continues to strengthen bathymetry knowledge, hydrography and coastal resilience in the Caribbean and worldwide.

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