Gemeco unveils EFOY Fuel Cell for Mobile Applications

EFOY Fuel Cells

Gemeco presents the most innovative 12-volt charging technology available – the EFOY Comfort Series Fuel Cell. A fuel cell is a device that uses a source of fuel and an oxidant to create electricity from an electro-chemical process. In principle, this is the reverse of electrolysis. It might sound like something right out of a recent science fiction movie but this silent, eco-friendly technology from EFOY has actually been around for more than 10 years, with over 40,000 fuel cells currently in service worldwide.

The EFOY Comfort system is a lightweight (under 20 pounds) and highly compact (18 x 12 x 8 inches) power generator that automatically maintains the charge level of any 12-volt system without the noise and fumes of a typical gas powered generator. It exhausts water and warm air, so it’s safe for use in confined areas that are typical of a marine application. Installing an EFOY fuel cell is truly as simple as a 4-wire connection to the 12-volt electric system, attaching the included water drain hose and then connecting the fuel cartridge.

In minutes you have a fully capable solid-state generator on-line. There is no complicated programming required, and the built-in monitoring circuitry automatically starts and stops the fuel cell to maintain a full charge. Battery charging does not get any easier or more efficient than this.

  • Three models offer 80, 140 or 210 Ah capability per day
  • Extremely quiet – perfect for a great night’s sleep at anchor
  • Fully automatic for maintenance-free, unattended operation
  • Environmentally friendly and outputs no harmful emissions
  • More power than solar with continuous operation day and night
  • Easily functions in conjunction with solar charging systems
  • Each fuel cartridge delivers up to 4 weeks of off-grid charging
  • Intuitive and user-friendly remote operator interface
  • Optional Bluetooth adapter and EFOY app available

Gemeco is honored to be distributing EFOY Comfort fuel cells on the East Coast and into the Mid-West. We are continuing to build a network of installers and fuel cartridge suppliers to service new and existing EFOY users. These locations are listed on the EFOY website so that interested buyers can locate a dealer in their region. If you are interested in these opportunities, please email us via To view more information on the EFOY Comfort fuel cells, you can visit our website at, or visit the EFOY Comfort website at 

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