EdgeTech Sub-Bottom Profiling System Gets New Survey Mode

EdgeTech 2050: Combined Side Scan Sonar & Sub-bottom Profiler

EdgeTech, the leader in high-resolution sonar imaging systems and underwater technology, has recently added a new feature to the popular 2050-DSS combined sub-bottom profiling and side scan sonar system. The new Pipeline Survey Mode provides the ability to select a smaller hydrophone sub‐array, enabling a larger fore‐aft beamwidth and faster transmission rate and hence increasing pipeline detection when running crosslines.

The 2050-DSS systems use a flat multi-channel Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) hydrophone array to generate high- resolution images of the sub-bottom stratigraphy in oceans, lakes, and rivers and provides excellent penetration in various bottom types. The sub-bottom receiver array is segmented for standard sub-bottom profiling surveys or pipeline survey mode for optimal location of pipelines or cables and measurement of depth burial.

The 2050-DSS system also boasts a tri-frequency side scan sonar, where any two frequencies can be operated simultaneously. The towfish can be fitted with either a 120, 410 & 850 kHz or a 230, 540 & 850 kHz array, along with a 2-16 kHz sub-bottom projector.

The 2050-DSS comes complete with a combined side scan and sub-bottom towfish with built-in depth, heading and altitude sensors, digital telemetry over a single coax cable, ROV interface, a 19-inch rackmount topside, EdgeTech’s DISCOVER acquisition software, and optional magnetometer interface.

For an extended list of features and capabilities, visit edgetech.com.

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