Dynamic Laser Scanner Released in 6,000-m Version

The ULS 500 Pro dynamic laser scanner was released at the 2019 Offshore Technology Conference by 2G Robotics and Oceaneering.

Oceaneering presented the Oceaneering Freedom ROV and 2G Robotics ULS-500 Pro 6K dynamic laser scanner at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), in Houston, Texas. 2G Robotics recently released a 6,000-m depth-rated version of their ULS 500 Pro dynamic laser scanner, enabling fast, consistent and reliable performance at greater depths. ULS-500 Pro 4K is widely used in the industry, and the new 6K edition has been engineered for clients that require performance at greater depths.

The Freedom ROV resident system makes use of the new ULS-500 Pro 6K dynamic laser scanner from 2G robotics. In autonomous mode, it can scan the seabed, locate and identify features, perform metrologies, navigate according to specified mission plans and upload its data onshore via surface buoy throughout the subsea docking station. The 2G Robotics’ ULS-500 Pro 6K’s provides fast, reliable and cost-effective dynamic laser scanning, playing an important role in ensuring the success of these missions. The system was released at OTC in a cooperation between 2G Robotics and Oceaneering.

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