Dubai Nautical Chart Company Modernizes with Print-on-Demand

The Dubai-based company Elcome has completed a major investment in modernizing its paper nautical chart distribution processes to meet emerging market conditions.   Elcome has been a United Kingdom Hydrographic Office (UKHO) ADMIRALTY agent since 1980 and is South East Asia’s largest supplier of nautical charts and publications. The company has upgraded its chart supply business to a print-on-demand model that provides faster response times for customer requests and eliminates the need for manual corrections.

Elcome’s digital printers produce charts directly from the UKHO ADMIRALTY cartographic database, providing immediate access to the full worldwide portfolio of charts on request. The full-scale printed charts meet the highest cartographic quality standards and are fully up-to-date when printed.

Elcome is also gearing up to convert existing and new customers to digital publications instead of printed ones, allowing a further reduction in inventory of paper stocks. –Elcome

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