Digital Hydrophone Combines Acoustic, Auxiliary Sensors

Seiche has launched a cutting-edge digital hydrophone developed in partnership with QinetiQ. Hydraq QQ1000 is a ground-breaking combination of acoustic and auxiliary sensors suitable for seabed, rising cable or suspended cable deployment.

Providing enhanced metrology, the instrumented hydrophone has applications for underwater noise measurement and environmental use for port and harbor authorities, including compliance with environmental legislation. It can be used to record marine mammals and generic noise pollution and for identification of individual vessel sound signatures at sea. 

The acoustic measurement bandwidth is compatible with current noise standards, including ISO, DNV and STANAG. 

Combining auxiliary sensors with the primary acoustic sensor, Hydraq QQ1000 provides a unique solution which ensures that sensor orientation and vibration can be addressed, safeguarding accurate measurement. Hydraq QQ1000 also incorporates a very low-noise switched gain hydrophone amplifier, preventing noise quality degradation.

Employing a sensitive three-axis accelerometer, Hydraq QQ1000 measures hydrophone vibration caused by proximity to propulsion systems or Scholte waves at the water/seabed interface. 

Hydraq QQ1000 also acts as a sensor for hydrodynamic pressure variation. 

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