Books: Deep, Dark and Dangerous

“The Story of British Columbia’s World-Class Undersea Tech Industry” by Vickie Jensen is now available to purchase online, locally at a store near you or on BC Ferries. It’s the result of four years of interviews that Jensen has done to chronicle the little-known stories of underwater trailblazers in this Canadian province. These pioneers have built, operated, equipped and sold the submersibles, tourist submarines, underwater robotic systems such as ROVs and AUVs, and inventions that have shaped B.C.’s remarkable subsea reputation and continue to maintain it.

At one point, each of these pioneers came to the same conclusion: “There has to be a better way!” As a result, they set about designing a variety of manned and unmanned vehicles, as well as inventions that enable us to “see” at greater depths and work there safely.

Beginning in the mid-1960s, British Columbia developed a reputation as the subsea NASA of the North. That legacy is still acknowledged globally, but, strangely, very few Canadians know anything about this fascinating chapter of their history.

Today, the subsea industry in B.C. and Canada is growing. To that end, Jensen includes stories of young AUV, ROV and submersible pilots, as well as “Getting into the Biz” advice from those who know. 

The book also chronicles a largely unknown chapter of B.C.’s work history.

“This book gives us Canada’s unknown heroes,” one reader said.

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  • My HandFins were also invented in BC but never yet patented for reason of wisdom by wise inventors do not put at risk the opportunities in the new inventions they had created – even before the PTAB risks. IP piracy, is bad for all industries

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