Dead Fish to Power Hurtigruten Ships

MS Nordnorge is one of at least six Hurtigruten ships to be converted to run on battery-LNG-biogas hybrid propulsion, powered by clean electricity and dead fish. (Credit: ULF HANSSON/Hurtigruten)

In what is the largest ever global contract for supply of liquefied biogas (LBG) to a shipping operator, Hurtigruten and Biokraft have entered into a 7.5-year deal.

The partnership includes near-daily delivery of biogas produced from organic waste to Hurtigruten ships, the first cruise ships in the world to be powered by fossil-free LBG.

This is a large and significant move for Hurtigruten, for Biokraft, for green solutions in the global shipping industry and, most importantly, for the environment, Hurtigruten CEO Daniel Skjeldam said.

Hurtigruten will replace conventional engines with gas-powered engines and large battery packs on at least six of their ships by 2021. The hybrid ships will run on a combination of clean electric power, natural gas (LNG) and biogas (LBG).

The first delivery of Biokraft-produced biogas to Hurtigruten is expected in 2020. 

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