COVID-19 Handbook

The Swedish Club has launched its “COVID-19 Handbook,” offering clear, simple and practical advice to help both those at sea and those on shore to face the day-to-day challenges posed by the pandemic. 

These challenges have caused the whole shipping industry to pull together and provide a quantity of high-quality and informed advice to those formulating policies in these new and difficult times.

The “COVID-19 Handbook” aims to meet the needs of those in positions of responsibility at sea and those supporting them on shore, providing simple guidance and concise information on understanding and implementing the practices and procedures which are now necessary for safe and successful operations on board ship.

Part One focuses on keeping the crew safe, looking after the crew’s mental wellbeing, coming into port, and dealing with visitors to the ship. Part Two focuses on Club cover and provides advice on some of the most common situations a vessel could face in this new environment.

The Swedish Club would like to thank those organizations who have contributed source material for this handbook, including the International Chamber of Shipping and ISWAN. Click here to download your copy.

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