Combination INS and LBL Software Simplifies Offshore Survey Operations

The Fusion 2 software platform.

A new platform is available that offers a reduction in complexity and overhead for offshore operations. The Fusion 2 long baseline (LBL) and inertial navigation system (INS) software offers marine survey contractors and offshore construction companies a single solution from which they can undertake field development projects faster and easier.

In the Fusion 2 platform, the separate software applications, vessel-fit hardware and complex communication interfaces that have been typically required to support LBL, acoustically-aided INS and sparse LBL operations, have been replaced with a single, unified solution that is easier and faster to set up and run.

One benefit is the ability to undertake the real-time SLAM (simultaneous localization and mapping) calibration of a sparse LBL transponder array while during surveying. The platform also significantly reduces survey time. Sonardyne has re-engineered the digital signal-processing protocols used by Fusion 2 to command and control seabed arrays of its Compatt LBL transponders and vehicle-mounted ROVNav transceivers to Wideband 3.

Wideband 3 allows sensor data (e.g. pressure, depth and temperature) from a Compatt to be embedded with navigation (ranging) telemetry data, with a big impact on operations such as structure installation, accelerating update rates by a factor of 10 and eliminating issues operators currently face with latency.

To benefit from Wideband 3, Sonardyne has advanced its sixth-generation subsea hardware platform, with Compatt 6 and ROVNav 6 instruments supplied as standard, both backward-compatible with existing inventories of Compatt 6s. —Sonardyne International Ltd.

Sonardyne Global Business Manager, Construction Survey, Edd Moller, presents Fusion 2 on launch day during OSEA 2018 in Singapore.

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  • I found it interesting how you mentioned how a benefit of INS and LBL software is how fast you get the data. My son has been interested in becoming a marine contractor and he wants to make sure he can stay up to date on the latest technology as he does so. I will be sure to pass this information on to him so he can start living his dream!

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