CIO+ Information Overlay Service Free During Pandemic

Over the past few months, the shipping industry has faced the issue of limited or restricted crew changes. As a result, there has been an increasing number of reports focusing on the mental and emotional fatigue, and resulting stress, on overworked bridge teams and crew.

Under these special circumstances, ChartWorld will offer its CIO+ Information Overlay Service free of charge to all vessels until the crew exchange process has been resolved.

ChartWorld Information Overlay, known as CIO+, is a data overlay shown in ECDIS as a user chart, loaded on top of electronic navigational charts. CIO+ is designed to help the bridge team with the task of voyage planning and execution. CIO+ automates the process of applying additional data in
ECDIS by means of user chart objects. It is also a user chart overlay presenting T&P notices and NAVAREA warnings as actual objects with danger attributes on top of your ENC.

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