Chesapeake Technology Offers Dongle-Free SonarWiz License Option

Chesapeake Technology Inc. announced the immediate availability of SonarWiz licenses that do not require a dongle. In what may be an industry first, users now have the option to buy secure SonarWiz
post-processing licenses with an electronic code instantly. Dongle-free licensing is available with SonarWiz 7.1 and later.

Electronic-only licenses effectively give users a faster and more convenient way to get up and running, while eliminating the risk of missing or lost dongles. It also avoids downtime if a dongle is left
on board or in the office when planning to work at home.

Although technically “node-locked” to a specific PC, a license can be moved from one PC to another in seconds. This is as easy as clicking “deactivate” on one PC and “activate” on another after entering the ID number and activation key. The user controls the license via the CTI License Manager utility included with SonarWiz 7.1 and later.

The new dongle-free licensing scheme is available with SonarWiz 7.1 and later. Data collection and network license options are planned for Q2 2018.

Contact Chesapeake Technology for more details: +1(650) 967-2045 or

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