Chesapeake SonarWiz 7.5

Chesapeake Technology Inc.’s SonarWiz 7.5 is available starting in November. This release includes more than 100 new features and updates.
Key enhancements include:
  • Process Klein MA-X 600 View data, a novel nadir gap filler sonar.
  • Support for EdgeTech 4205 Tri-Frequency sonar.
  • Added LOD support for point-cloud rendering, so that SonarWiz can now handle 100+ million data points for better visualization and reporting.
  • Added processing of WASSP WMBF, SSAM SAS sonar, PDF1200 SBES.
  • Helm display improved and easier to use.
  • Performance improvements across modules and within modules.
  • Continuously simplifying user interface and updating all documentation.

Chesapeake’s Annual Training Event and Exhibition will be held in December 10 to 12 in Savannah, Georgia. Hardware partners and resellers will join the event.

Learn more here.

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