First Electric Flying Ferry

The world’s fastest electric ship, the Candela P-12 Shuttle, is set to hit Stockholm’s waters next year, heralding a new era of transport. The innovative hydrofoiling electric ferry will reduce emissions and slash commuting times, and the city believes it will make waterborne public transport more attractive than trains, buses and cars.

The Candela P-12 Shuttle will ferry citizens between the sprawling Stockholm suburb of Ekerö and the city center in the coming year. Flying across the water, the 30-passenger electric vessel has a speed of 30 kt.–considerably faster than any other electric ship in the world. It also provides faster commuting than competing subway and bus lines, as well as being more energy efficient than the diesel vessels currently servicing the same route. The ship is faster than traveling by car during rush hour.

The secret to its high speed and long range are the three carbon-fiber wings that extend from under the hull. These active hydrofoils allow the ship to lift itself above the water, thus decreasing drag.

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