eSAIL for Deep-Sea Tanker

In partnership with bound4blue, a pioneering developer of wind-assisted propulsion technology, Odfjell will install the innovative eSAIL system on a chemical tanker, making it the first tanker vessel in the world to harness this groundbreaking technology. The installation will be completed in 2024.

bound4blue’s eSAIL system utilizes a cutting-edge wind-assisted propulsion system known as a suction sail. By promoting the use of wind power to propel vessels, this technology significantly reduces fuel consumption and pollutant emissions.

Odfjell has actively pursued decarbonization initiatives for many years, and recently documented a 51 percent improved carbon intensity, compared to the 2008 baseline. The deployment of bound4blue’s eSAIL system represents another significant milestone in the company’s implementation of innovative solutions to increase its fleet’s energy efficiency.

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