US Navy Releases New Blue Arctic Document

Blue Arctic fleet

The U.S. Department of Navy has released a new document, Blue Arctic, a strategic blueprint that will guide the service on maintaining America’s interests across the Arctic Ocean.

The strategy calls for more activities and an increase in the country’s regular presence in the Arctic to make the region become more navigable and accessible.

Navy Secretary Kenneth J Braithwaite said: “As our naval force continues to meet the challenging demands of a Blue Arctic in this era of great power competition, the Department of the Navy remains committed to protecting the Arctic environment and ensuring naval forces do their part to help preserve it.

“This blueprint guides how the department will continue to provide the right levels and types of presence on, under, and above Arctic water, ensuring America is prepared to compete effectively and efficiently to maintain favorable balances of power.

“This includes strengthening cooperative partnerships to ensure coordination with key allies and partners in the region.”

According to the blueprint, the department will take a ‘tailored approach when considering permanently stationed forces, rotational forces, and temporary forces’ across the region.

It also states that the department will improve military education, training, as well as exercises with partners in and around the Arctic.

The US Navy stated that the blueprint is guided by the objectives provided in the National Security Strategy, Advantage at Sea, National Defense Strategy and Department of Defense Arctic Strategy.

The Document further stated: “Russia is investing heavily to enhance its Arctic defense and economic sectors, with a resultant multi-layered militarization of its northern flank.

“By modernizing its military capabilities and posture, particularly the Northern Fleet, Russia aims to improve command and control, infrastructure, and joint force employment to project power and defend its northern approaches.”

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