Biocide Mapping Technology Traces Chemicals in O&G Operations

Image from the LUX Assure “Introduction to Critical Micelle Concentration”.

LUX Assure, a specialist chemical monitoring and management solutions to the oil and gas industry, has launched TraxBio, a biocide mapping technology.

TraxBio maps biocidal surfactants in oil and gas systems using the chemicals’ propensity to form micelles, or clusters of the biocide. Certain biocides contain some level of micelle-forming surfactants; usually quaternary amines to disrupt biofilms on pipe surfaces. These micelles are formed of nanoscale clusters of the biocide chemical, which are detected with the TraxBio technology.

As part of the development of TraxBio, LUX trialed the technology at a large U.S. onshore facility to understand the path of the chemical through the system and inform dosing. Samples were taken from across the site at various time points during a biocide batch treatment. The points were chosen to coincide with the passing of the chemical slug. Testing to determine the presence of micelles was conducted in the on-site laboratory.

Results from the trial provided a clear picture of the journey of the chemical through the system. Areas which required additional dosing were identified, which alerted the operator to a potential biofouling risk.

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