Co-Inventor of Suction Sail Joins bound4blue

In 1980, Jacques-Yves Cousteau dreamed of creating a ship with an engine that would be powered by wind: an infinite, free and renewable energy source. Together with his associates Professor Lucien Malavard and Dr. Bertrand Charrier, the suction sail was invented and tested in the ’80s.

Inspired by this technology, bound4blue’s team has designed and developed the eSAIL, which has been installed successfully on two vessels in Latin America and Europe, with more installation agreements set for 2022.

Charrier has joined bound4blue, where he will focus on aerodynamics and the global energetic performance of the eSAIL suction sail. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Paris on wind-assisted propulsion systems and brings a wealth of experience in innovation and development from his 15 years spent working with the Cousteau Foundation, after which he embarked on several other ventures, holding positions such as vice president of Green Cross International and director of innovation at the French Development Agency.

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