AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel Certified as Investment Grade

The AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel has been certified to Stage 3 status, providing further evidence to support the buoy’s reputation for accurate and reliable data to support investment-grade wind campaigns. This Stage 3 certification confirms that the data can be relied on for financing and design decisions by clients and project investors.

In August 2008, the AXYS Technology team deployed the world’s first floating LiDAR system off the coast of western Canada to demonstrate that LiDAR technology was also capable of measuring wind at various heights offshore. Soon after, AXYS conducted the first commercial campaigns gathering wind data offshore using the AXYS FLiDAR WindSentinel.

Following the publication of the revised Carbon Trust roadmap and the clarification of Stage 3 study
requirements, AXYS pulled together a team of experts from Multiversum, Fraser Nash and DNV GL to independently conduct the required long-term classification studies and to review mast verifications and completed campaign reliabilities to confirm that the buoy collects accurately, reliably and with low environmental uncertainties around the world.

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