Aurelia Green Ship Offers Fully Hydrogen-Based Propulsion

Aurelia Green Ship Concept Design has unveiled a new design with 100 percent hydrogen propulsion. It has been given approval in principle by RINA, based on the newly published RINA Rules for Hydrogen-Fueled Ships and the RINA Guide for the Approval in Principle of Novel Technologies.

The ACD01 1000 is a Ro-Ro cargo vessel with electric propulsion that uses highly compressed H2 as fuel. The ship’s hydrogen-based engine system can be applied to other ship designs.

Compressed hydrogen generates no emissions. The propulsion is based on battery and fuel cell power modules, which serve as an energy storage source to supply power for the hotel load, too.

This new design complies well beyond the limits set by the Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) Phase Three, according to MEPC.203(62), and the ballast water treatment plant is in accordance with the latest amendments of the International Ballast Water Management Convention.

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